Kalahari Game Lodge Activities

Kalahari Game Lodge Activities

Kalahari Game Lodge offers a number of exciting options to interact with nature. Any of these options can be booked in advance with reception.

Lion Tracking - Kalahari Game Lodge


The lion tracking option is an exhilarating game driving experience focused on tracking and following the Kalahari Lions at the lodge. We make use of GPS-technology to track down the lions in the reserve. By collaring a number of key lions, we can keep track of our pride to ensure their conservation, with the added bonus that these drives guarantee encounters with the king of the Kalahari. These magnificent animals are the highlight of any African safari, and to see them in close proximity is part of the unique Kalahari Game Lodge offering. Guides take pride in sharing their knowledge with guests to fully appreciate the uniqueness of the area. Kalahari Game Lodge is the only place in Namibia where Kalahari lions still roam free in the desert.

Game Viewing - Kalahari Game Lodge


Kalahari Game Lodge offers other alternative game viewing activities in addition to the lion tracking experience. Our knowledgeable guides are very passionate about the Kalahari bush and all its creatures. Their contagious passion will ensure that this experience will be long-remembered by all.

4x4 Drives - Kalahari Game Lodge


Situated in the heart of the southern Kalahari Desert biome the lodge provides a unique habitat to 55 mammals, 58 different reptile families and 185 bird species. The 4×4 trail is mapped out on a 3500ha portion of the lodge. (No lions can be seen on 4×4 self-drive as this can only be experienced with the lion tracking.

Duine Braai - Kalahari Game Lodge


The dune braai experience is definitely not to be missed. Guests are driven to the peak of a dune with a magnificent view of the reserve. Here couples or small groups can enjoy an intimate meal prepared by top-notch chefs, while enjoying the view. In summer, our guests can enjoy the cooler late-afternoon, early evening air, while their early supper is being prepared. Even the journey back, as the sun sets, will leave one in awe of the beauty that is Namibia. In winter, the dune braai is a pleasurable lunch, where guests can enjoy the view in the warm midday sun.
Subject to availability

Hiking - Kalahari Game Lodge


A great way to explore the farm at your own pace is to hike along the Auob riverbed or up to the lookout deck for wonderful views of the lodge and surroundings. Hiking boots are definitely a must pack!

Bird Watching - Kalahari Game Lodge


In order to appreciate the numerous bird species at Kalahari Game Lodge, one need not even venture too far from the lodge itself. Should you wish to encounter more of the 185 bird species on the farm, you are welcome to mention your interest to the guide on our game drives so that the keen eye of the guide can be on the lookout for photographic opportunities.

*All guided activities require a minimum of 2 pax.