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Exploring Namibia


Namibia, previously South West Africa, is located between Angola and South Africa, bordering on the Atlantic Ocean. Namibia is a democratic republic and English as its official language. The total population is a mere 2.1 million, which equates to a population density of 2.6 ppl/km2. Namibia is no longer on the GMT+1 time zone, so if you are traveling from South Africa no time adjustments are needed.



The approximated annual rainfall for the area is 200 mm, but it can vary between as little as 85 mm and 738 mm during exceptionally high rainfall. Temperatures throughout the year can range between 40 °C and -9 °C, which is common for semidesert areas. The Kalahari Game Lodge falls within a summer rainfall area, from December to April. During summer the daytime average temperature is 32 °C. The driest months are during winter, from May to August. At this time, daytime temperatures are more tolerable but night-time temperatures can fall to below freezing. The averages daytime temperature is around 23 °C, perfect for traveling. Weather